Replica Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Chronometer Moonphase Master

Replica Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Chronometer Moonphase Master, which is the first Master Speedmaster chronometer – that is, the first to bring GOALS certificate and the COSC chronometer certification. More replica watches Omega Speedmaster.

Omega Speedmaster Chronometer Co-Axial Chronograph Master, steel or gold Sedna. Case, 44.25 mm x 16.85 mm, water resistant to 10 bar / 100 meters; ceramic bezels on both models, with Liquidmetal are inserted into the steel version and Ceragold (sintered composite gold and ceramics) for Sedna gold version.

2Sapphire front and back, with double antireflective coating on the front, inner layer AR easy on the back. Movement coaxial Omega 9904 caliber column wheel vertical clutch coaxially mounted hands of the hour and minute of underreporting; Moon phase display with date hand. power reserve of 60 hours, anti-magnetic to 15,000 gauss; Nivachoc shock resistance balance bridge with to improve stability; calendar and moon phases crown set. silicon balance spring with adjustable mass balance free suspension. In the version of Sedna gold, the gold rotor and balance bridge.

spheres black, blue, brown, or satiny gery will be available; hands and indexes treated with SuperLuminova. black leather, blue or brown STAPS available, with closure (closure has a thrust control system rack and) folding.

Baselworld 2016 – TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer announced last year “Connected clock ‘, along with Intel and Google, but really had nothing to show. The clock is connected later introduced that year and seems to be doing well for them. During Baselworld 2016 TAG Heuer Carrera also he showed the mechanical clock for us to be made available to those who bought the connected watch and want to update after 2 years of ownership (pay an additional 1350 euros). This race will be exclusively for those who want to do an update and will not be offered for sale separately.2Replica TAG Heuer watches had two real news this year is spoken in the halls of Baselworld 2016. The new Carrera and the new Monza Tourbillon PVD. The tourbillon was very controversial, since it is a tourbillon watch 15K, a very affordable watch with this complication. I’m not sure if the people who are after a tourbillon want it to be cheap, or that these people prefer to be exclusive and cased in precious metals and with excellent finishing in motion. But I’m not a marketeer, so I can not answer that question.

3The Monza in titanium with PVD coating is a beautiful sports watch based on the classic collection of Monza. The Monza has a case of 42 mm in diameter and has 17 gauge inside. a price of 5,150 Swiss francs will and is available from June 2016 onwards.


Replica Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Limited Edition Review

Omega Speedmaster limited edition CK2998 is not the Speedmaster Professional. It is a vintage-inspired watch, and this is both good point (being a Speedmaster vintage-inspired) and difficulty with this watch (as different from the original one). Omega Speedmaster limited edition CK2998 is full of small details of time that undoubtedly make collectors fall in love. First, it has the straight case. The crown and pushers are not protected, casebands are symmetrical and the ears are flat on top, like the previous FOIS (First Omega in Space) edition. The Speed Pro has protection for the ears “lira” (slightly distorted) crown and pushers, and an asymmetrical case. This limited edition CK2998 is the same as the old CK2998. More Replica Watch Omega Speedmaster.

2His hands are “alpha” in metal. The Pro has fine white needles Baton. This limited edition has CK2998 hands the sword with a polished finish. The same goes for the hands of accountants. All show a glaive profile and are executed in polished steel, making it historically accurate to the original CK2998 – indeed, Omega has changed this aspect compared to the edition FOIS (both steel and Gold Editions), which had two of counteracts the sub painted white and right hands. The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 limited edition also has an applied logo, which only have Speedies vintage. The main important thing here is the “palette” second hand. This hand in different ways makes a world of difference in the edition vintage CK2998, as extremely rare.

This limited edition CK2998 somehow follows a trend for smaller watches. In fact, it has a diameter of only 39.7mm – and given the lack of protection of the crown that wears small. This size is also very close to the original CK2998. Besides being convenient, it is also very good looking on the wrist. Such smaller diameter fits perfectly with the “classic” style and also brings more elegance to the user. The second thing that is really noticeable is the design “Panda”. Watchmaking a “panda” refers to the dark in contrast sub-counters in a white / bright dial. Besides being easy to read and emphasizing the chronograph indication, but also gives a sporty look to the clock, immediately recognizable as a chronograph.

A white and blue panda is certainly something quite difficult to find in nature. But this issue gets rid of completely black style applied in almost all Speedmaster, including former FOIS. It participates in the timeless style of the security guard, but also still very classic. This limited edition Omega Speedmaster CK2998 instead plays with the blue for belt, ceramic bezel engraved (with luminescent figures) and for sub-counters and tracks.
Replica Omega Speedmaster limited edition CK2998 Review
Inside the Omega Speedmaster limited edition CK2998 a horse ticks iconic battle, the caliber 1861, itself a small evolution of the great movement 861, the Speedmaster introduced in late 1968 / early 1969. The 1861 remains extremely reliable , accurate and pleasant to use. And even if it is the only movement of the Omega collection does not have the co-axial escapement, it remains a very cool piece of mechanic.

IWC Big Pilot Power Reserve

The IWC Pilot Working Power Reserve certainly is a clock that was designed for someone who exercises or is under adverse environmental conditions. This is a simple clock but with sophisticated technology behind. The IWC Pilot Working Power Reserve is definitely something I would be interested if you need something with an appearance out of the ordinary on your wrist. In addition, the watch has a very attractive design that seems to be an element that adds to the toughness and the overall appearance it has. Here we show two of these watches; however, although both look very similar, there are differences between them since one is the replica and the other is the IWC Pilot Working Power Reserve Original.

1The first difference we can notice by observing the replica watch is the fact that the mark of 3:00 is larger than the original clock, which also makes the design look a little bigger. However, there is a difference that can be quite difficult to notice and most probably has trouble realizing it, even when the clocks were placed next to each other as presented here.

The second difference between the replica and the original clock is the number “2” in 2:00. The design of the replica watch seems to be a little different than the original. It seems that the number 2 in the replica can easily be noticed, while the original is hidden by date and can be seen only half of it. Then, the third difference between the two clocks is in the number “4” 4:00, here is exactly the above, the number of replica watch is easily noticed, while the original version only half of it appears.

The last difference between these two clocks is the mark in 9:00, a brand that is slightly different on the original watch regarding the reply; It seems to be larger in the original and smallest in the replica watch clock. Even if they seem to be many differences, these two watches are quite similar in general.

As a sub-brand Rolex, Tudor how much money the most expensive?

We’ve heard how much money the most expensive Rolex, Patek Philippe’s most expensive how much money, ah! They are scary good price! How much money did not heard of Tudor. Indeed, as the Rolex Tudor brother is more close to the people, generally about Tudor also tens of thousands, or do not like to play a limited solitary game. but do you know? Tudor has also been astronomical watch, this table Only watch charity auction of 240 million yuan turnover!

1You’re not wrong, is this table, and you look to buy more than 20,000 pieces of Tudor Black Bay watch little different! And ordinary Tudor watch engraved BlackBay Rui Shigong price also more than 10,000 since the auction in Switzerland, so we Swiss price comparison. This calculation, the final price to shoot the watch reached more than Tudor BlackBay 200 times the price of ordinary watch! May have hit a new table watch auction auction history, “premium” record. On the field together to create a world auction record of 46 million yuan watch Patek Philippe 5016 did amazing to watch more than 200 times their normal price level.

2We look at the watch. Some people may find that it is almost a 1954 Tudor Submariner fully engraved dive tables. The difference is 12 o’clock identification equilateral triangle above the bezel and the 6 o’clock position above the deepest dive from the description text is red, conspicuous and eye-catching inform its distinctive and unique.

3And now the new BlackBay watch compared to this table, there are many unique. It is a new diving Tudor table only using a bar-type pointer, now generally are used with unique characteristics Tudor “snowflake needle.” And now the new BlackBay compared watch, gold hands with a black dial design is unique, this design is an early Tudor style. There are brand LOGO, the watch is a rose, 1969 to determine the shield logo later unused.

4Tudor This year, although the first time to do a unique pieces of tables, but try to see that this very cautious very low-key. Unlike many brands in the bottom of the table covered with the dial or mark the word “ONLYWATCH” or only limited numbers of a word or words is obvious ONLYWATCH produced. In addition to the watch you can see some elements of its “unique”, and only marked on the cassette table its name “Black BayOne” embodies the twelve.

5In addition, the watch Tudor follow the usual style, it comes with a strap. So nothing to worry about it too monotonous, you can give it any “face.” And this bracelet is two table fans generally want to have. A strong sense of nostalgia is dark brown antique leather strap, a Saint-Etienne in France a hundred years of history, arts and crafts factory production of jacquard knit navy gray textured strap. Coupled with the original steel strap, on different occasions, seasons, different style, can meet the demand.

6You buy a piece of more than 20,000 Tudor it may also be hesitant to pick a long time. 2.4 million people this is with people rushing to buy two or three thousand francs from the beginning of starting, the process continues to increase, when the last price reaches 375,000 Swiss francs (2.4 million yuan contract), the auctioneer has even silly, this also before and after a few minutes. Great final winner was a local tyrant, Onlywatch auction site 44 unique brand watch, he scored one of them 20, when asked why he took this Tudor, gave the answer: “I have the vast majority of Rolex solitary watch, Tudor now finally have a solitary, I must have, why not! “…… Well, we are Cock wire, local tyrants in the world we do not know, but from the results look, Tudor of the test water or success.