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BaselWorld 2011: preview new models Breitling Bentley GT Ice


At Baselworld 2011 arrive new models Breitling Bentley GT Ice, total white for the new look of the two chronographs dedicated to fans of sports cars of the historic British brand

Looking forward to Baselworld 2011, the fair dedicated to the world of watchmaking at the start on March 24, here is a preview signed Breitling, with a total white version for Bentley GT and Bentley GT Racing “Ice”. The Gran Turismo so choose white for the new look of the two chronographs. More compact than the other models Breitling Bentley GT models have already been a great success because of the improved dressing on each wrist. Now, the new version of “Ice” makes the new more sophisticated and classy watches, thanks to the choice of white lacquer, exclusive Bentley body color.
Baselworld receives every year a huge success, presenting the news in the great houses of watchmaking professionals and enthusiasts. Waiting to find out what beauty store for the 2011 edition, Breitling Bentley gave a class held at the two GT models.

The dial Ice White, matching the rubber strap, are enhanced by rimmed counters, recalling the dashboards of the finest Bentley Grand Tourer, while the bezel by the knurled relief reminds the typical knobs of the British brand.

The frame consists of a steel case with a smooth finish.

The Ice version gives a new touch of style to the models Breitling Bentley GT Ice, in perfect harmony with the choice of car manufacturer to always give the best to the fans of sports cars, even in the watches.

The model Bentley GT Racing Ice, more refined and elegant, has in addition a game where the satin finishes horizontal surfaces alternate with smooth vertical ones. On the back of both models stands then the profile of the famous Bentley Continental GT.

The Ice models are motivated by Breitling replica Calibre 13B, chronometer-certified by the COSC. The calendar shows the day and date through a large twin aperture at 3 o’clock Bidirectional rotating bezel allows you to activate the “variable tachometer”, a world exclusive signed Breitling, to measure the average speed traveled.

How to recognize an original Rolex: the advice to follow [PHOTOS]


Owning a Rolex is the dream of every fan, but how to recognize an original Rolex imitations? How to be sure that we are not buying a fake? The first aid definitely comes from the distribution channel: anyone who goes into a jewelry authorized by the famous Swiss brand or, better still, in an official store is sure to buy an original without a doubt. To help even get a valuable list of official Rolex retailers published on the website of the house: But if you also want to be sure when you purchase out of the more official channels, here are some tips to keep in mind.


In addition to looking at the material of the house, for example browsing the catalogs of the collections, there are some tricks. One thing for sure is that a Rolex, whatever the model chosen, has a considerable cost, especially when it comes to vintage models, among the most wanted in the world, not surprisingly, the Swiss fashion house are up a few records as in the case of Rolex 8171 Padellone. If you are asking the lower figures than the average, with the excuse of the deal of the year, desist: the probability that it is a fake Rolex are high.

This is because the quality of Rolex replica watches is absolute, in every detail and no forger, although good, can replicate the precision of the original models. There are details that help us to understand how to recognize a fake Rolex. First, the packaging: each Rolex is sold in a pack of standard leather and wood with engraved logo and a detailed description to the millimeter: no box out of the house with a dot oversized.

To recognize an original, Rolex would be enough even from here: the clock is always combined the warranty holder (leather), the certificate COSC (Contrôle Officiel Suisse des acronym for Chronomètres, only company issuing the chronometer certificate to timepiece mechanisms) and the certifications of reference and serial number, the latter only for each individual watch and incidentally, perfectly, between the loops.

Even weigh his hand the clock is useful to understand if it is a real or fake Rolex: the original models have a certain weight because they are solid steel products. If there are coarse defects, you are sure to get in front of a fake Rolex: bringing it close to the ear, a genuine Rolex watch has no ticking, while, watching the movement of the second hand, it must be fluid and continuous.

Another check to make is the date for the models that mountain, close to 3 hours: Rolex has a magnifying glass called “Cyclops lens” that lets you see the number increased by 2.5 times, with the whole number occupy the panel. If your watch does not have the figure of the magnified date window from the lens, you are in front of an imitation. These are just a few tips: For more, browse our gallery and you will avoid any bad surprise.

Breitling launched air time 01 limited edition watch


To become an enduring classic watch, it must mean that it has a strong design style and ability of self-innovation. Born in 1952 aviation Breitling Chrono watch capability in both areas, as skilled pilots can easily fly a plane. In over 60 years of glorious history, it has become a symbol of flight enthusiasts of worship, but also the world-class mechanical chronograph elderly field work. In addition to a black dial with silver accumulation timer flagship models also continue to blend the distinctive new ingenuity, as this new air time 01 limited edition watch.


Which exclusive limited edition 1000 watch, which was significantly characterized by: carefully polished dark gray textured dial glowing charming luster, black totalizer complement each other, to create a dial indicative of a fine “par épargne” technology, under Silver dial base against the background, watch added a bit more masculine charm, finally showing a unique, high-tech, full sense of power watch. Watch bezel is still equipped with the famous circular flight slider, mapping out the Breitling and aviation ties, and through the back is able to get a glimpse of the brand’s another notable feature: the mechanical chronograph movement accurate understanding and perfect control this also explains why the Breitling flight by the love of people.

Aviation Chronograph limited edition watch is equipped with 01 Breitling 01 movement made, this has extraordinary performance “engine” entirely by Breitling developed its own production, and by the Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC), is accurate and reliable to attain security. With special decorative details dial echoes through the transparent sapphire case back, black pendulum Tuo glance, filling the delicate ingenuity. In addition to stainless steel bracelet, aviation chronograph watch 01 different colors as well as a limited edition leather strap or crocodile leather strap optional. Every detail are showing plenty of energy, help it to continue flying legend long time in the gallery!

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