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Rolex assembled: the revolution in the world of counterfeiting


The Rolex are certainly among the most counterfeited watches, in fact there are several types of non-genuine Rolex replica watches are also sold online. But for some time, it seems to be born another type of non-genuine Rolex: The Rolex assembled. The companies that are dedicated to the reproduction of the original watches Rolex assembled in the state that are re-used original parts, always produced by the Swiss company. This action assembly should increase the clock value, because it is made with original parts and then with the materials of exception usually used by the Swiss. This assembly, if truly realized, with elements of the original Rolex, could always be more similar and less recognizable to inexperienced eyes, causing the copies do not seem such. Counterfeiting is unfortunately a topic that touches mainly luxury goods, and now this fashion to assemble watches with original parts seems to be touched not only the Rolex but also to other leading brands. But how is it that these companies can find original pieces and reuse them to create and assemble imitation Rolex watches because they seem equal to the originals? You can not, unfortunately, know if This assembly is real and if the parts used are really coming from Switzerland, but surely this is a blow to the fight against counterfeiting, as well as could be a strong misleading advertising for those who think of buying legally an imitation Rolex watch.
The differences between an assembled Rolex and a Rolex replica
information on Rolex assembled

Those two types of watches, should therefore be differences that would make the best of Rolex replica rolex assembled. In fact, being assembled with original Rolex watches parts, the assembly of the watches should see bracelets 904L steel, original molds and boxes or original dials. These elements should be recovered, by requesting them as spare parts directly to the company, so the Rolex has assembled all the original parts except for the movement but nevertheless takes place on the original model by the company. A Rolex replica instead uses different materials, does not use the mark or original prints and to signal that the Rolex sold is an imitation (eyes always check the reference and serial Rolex).

Replica Cartier Santos Galbee watch


Cartier, or the class: the clocks of the famous Parisian brand have always been recognized as a symbol of elegance and prestige. The Cartier Santos Galbee have a fascinating history: in 1904, the aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont asked Louis Cartier a clock that will allow him to read the time while flying. Thus was born the first wristwatch, created by a myth of the time on the suggestion of another myth of the time. The Santos Galbee models are available in “small” and “extra-large”. The case and bracelet are made of steel, sapphire crystal, the dial in silvered opaline! Everything in this clock reminds the luxury, as well as the dial with Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands. There is also a date window at the height of 4:30 hours. A curiosity: the watch is water resistant to 30 meters.
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Who wants to be part of the unique style of wearing a Cartier watch timeless elegance, with an impressive history.

Patek Philippe Nautilus history


The collection was founded in 1976 Patek Philippe Nautilus, the watch is an absolute novelty in the world of watchmaking, thanks to the artistic vision of a great craftsman Gerald Genta. Its design was inspired by the shape of the portholes of the Nautilus, the submarine elusive, that animates the adventures of Captain Nemo, the famous character, one of the greatest novels of Jules Verne, first published in 1870. From this unique submarine and imagination, comes the innovative case reminiscent of a porthole, the bezel is octagonal corners are gently rounded, and over time this watch remain a unique and inimitable.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5990

“The watch patek nautilus” remained in history for his ingenious and unique style for its time, it is completely detached from the models of other luxury watchmakers such as Rolex. Even the caliber that animated the clock of 1976, was truly revolutionary, thanks to 920 of Jaeger-LeCoultre.

This caliber is the result of the study of two large houses watchmaker Patek Philippe replica and Audemars Piguet

Omega Seamaster Aqua land: the men’s models


Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra, is one of the lines of watches highly appreciated by the public, this style has special dials and dedicated to the male world, such as the teak collection with lines that are reminiscent of the wooden decks of naval vessels. The models in the men’s collection are about nineteen and have different models that all are centered on the sophistication of the design and the precision of the technique.

Among the models Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M, there are watches with boxes of 41.5 mm and 38.5 mm watches. These Omega replica watches with words 150 m, they bring another report on the dial that identifies them as “Master Co-Axial Crhonometer”, these models are animated by the Co Axial caliber 8500 and 8501. In addition, these models are equipped with anti-magnetic movement, specially designed to withstand higher intensity magnetic fields to 15 million gauss.

Among the Omega aqua ground 150M, the company also proposes the Annual Calendar version, this model has built an annual calendar that allows the date changed once every year and precisely every March 1. These models are available in boxes of 42 or 38 mm. The caliber of the Annual Calendar models is always co-axial with a number of 8601 and 8611 caliber.

For models Seamaster Aqua earth 150M is the Day-Date, this model indicates both the day of the week that this date, these indicators are reported at 12 o’clock and at 6 o’clock The models of boxes of 41.5 mm. These models as the previous ones have an OMEGA Co-Axial caliber 8602 and 8612.

Finally, there is the collection the Seamaster 150m GMT aqua ground Co-axial, this model has a special dial indicating 24 hours. These watches come with cash 43 mm Omega aqua land, it has a caliber 8605 and 8615.

All of these models, in addition to having a sporting spirit also have an elegant line, dictated mainly by the use of unique and precious materials. Among the materials used by Omega replica for the creation of its models we are: the yellow gold and red gold 18 ct., Stainless steel, the versions that combine steel and red gold or yellow gold. But not only crates in gold and steel, also bracelets of the same materials, in addition to leather bracelets, which can have different colors depending on the quadrant that you choose, the colors of the quadrants are truly innovative and range from colors like champagne , gray, silver, blue, teak.

Rolex Sea-Dweller replica watch: test your wrist


Among the products watches, the Rolex replica Sea-Dweller is one of those who has always fascinated me. A rugged watch, technical, made to go deep (1,220 meters), but it designed to be always brought and in any situation. I’ve got to prove it to you, moreover coinciding with a week that I allowed myself to the sea.
This model was designed in 1967. And last year is proposed in an updated version that benefits from the latest Rolex technical innovations, while retaining the original model. Case 40 mm in diameter (also perfect for a quite what subtle wrist is mine), the disc has the Cerachrom unalterable ceramic bezel. The Chromalight display with long-life luminescent material has really allowed me to see the time even at night; and he is fascinated by minute! The bracelet extension system Rolex Glidelock, then, I made it very portable wrist both the sea and by air both in the city, being able to adapt to the millimeter: it is known, in fact, that the wrist is affected by climatic changes, and the solution adopted by Rolex replica think is the absolute best! And of course the Oysterlock safety clip that made me feel more comfortable in the test. The clock, of course, is equipped with the function that is at the origin of his fame: the helium escape valve.

It was just too beautiful. I hope you like it too!

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